How do I get my baby to burp?

How do I get my baby to burp?

Welcome to parenting, the best and most exhausting job ever.  The first few weeks are filled with sleepless nights, feeding, changing diapers, crying, feeding, changing diapers, crying, feeding………..oh and don’t forget about burping in between and after each feed.

A common statement I hear a lot working with families is, “Colleen, I can’t get my baby to burp, what can I do?”  My response is simple, some babies do not always need to burp and some burp automatically without having to burp them. Every baby is different but it is always best to try it and try a few different positions.  It is very common for babies to swallow air when they begin to feed and even more so if they are crying before or during a feed. Read more

HAPPY WORLD BREASTFEEDING WEEK 2015……Surviving the first month!

Breastfeeding week

Breastfeeding and surviving the first month…..feeling like a cow (because they graze all day) with no time to do anything else! Relax, this is normal and to be expected!

So, you’ve delivered your baby and have decided to breastfeed, whether it is direct from the tap or pumping and bottle feeding, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!  You will be giving your baby the BEST start possible.  Read more