Pregnancy and Parenting Advice: Part Two

Pregancy and Parenting Advice In Part Two of this blog, I will discuss some of the topics that solicit advice and help you let the advice giver know that you value their thoughts and want to work together and educate each other for the safest outcomes. You may want to take a more gentle approach with someone who seems truly well-meaning, but a more firm approach with someone who seems to be coming from a place of criticism.

As a parent-to-be or new parent, hearing all the advice can make you feel overwhelmed, confused and often times stressed out.  How do you know what to believe or what advice you should follow? Research is ongoing and constantly changing, so it is hard to stay on top of everything. Times have changed and so have many guidelines/suggestions.  Some well intention advice comes from something that worked real well 20 years ago or even 50+ years ago but is no longer recommended today.  Google is at your fingertips and easy to research anything but be careful about the validity of the sites you visit.  Let’s work together to increase awareness about the postpartum period and how to best support your loved ones. Read more

Unwanted and Unsolicited Pregnancy and Parenting Advice

Unwanted advice

How to Handle Unwanted and Unsolicited Advice

Part One

As soon as you announce that your family is growing, be prepared for advice to start rolling in! From family members to random strangers, everyone has something to say! Some pieces of advice are helpful; some are annoying and others just down right odd.

I wish I could tell you WHY everyone feels the need to dish out advice, maybe it is human nature: people want to share their own experiences with you, they want to prevent you from making the same mistakes or go through what they went through. I think empathy plays a huge role, people feel compelled to help or solve a perceived issue for someone who is in need, especially if they have been in your position.

Hearing all the advice can make parents-to-be and new parents feel incredibly overwhelmed, confused and often times stressed out.  So how do you know what to believe or what advice you should follow? Read more

Saving the day, one diaper at a time.

Diaper Bag or Diaper Backpack?

What are the essentials to keep inside?

Diaper BagAt the end of a long day with your checklist in one hand and your water bottle in the other hand, you place your swollen, achy feet up on the couch and decide what item(s) you can check off your “things to get done before baby arrives” list. As you sink into the comfort of your couch, you grab your laptop and type in diaper bags. HOLY COW, there are thousands to choose from. Where do you begin? How do you choose one? What do you look for in a diaper bag?  Should you ask your friend about her bag to see if she likes it? Do you really care what it looks like or are you all about functionality? Once you narrow it down, you can buy it online or go to your local baby store to check it out.

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