Your BEST Practical Friends in the Immediate Postpartum Period

Postpartum items
Postpartum items to have on hand


YES, you may want actual friends who bring your favorite magazines, netflix, movies, bottle of wine, food/snacks, fuzzy socks, two extra hands, conversation, tissues, chapstick and good smelling candles but the below suggestions are more practical for your immediate recovery and are listed in no particular order of importance….

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Your Child’s FIRST Test

Postpartum and Breastfeeding support

In case your baby book has a spot for the APGAR numbers or someone asks what your baby’s APGAR score was, you can tell them.

Congratulations…your baby has been born and you are super excited to bond and learn all about them.  If your baby is doing well, this FIRST assessment is done quietly and quickly and most parents don’t even notice. It can be done by your doctor, midwife or nurse. This will be the first of many tests your child will be given and it happens at 1 minute and 5 minutes after delivery.  The 1 minute score is to see if there is an immediate need for further medical intervention while the 5 min score is to see how they are progressing to life outside the womb.

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Just the Two… I Mean Three of Us

3 of us
Going from 1 to 2 kids


Gone are the days of reading, watching movies, relaxing, scrolling your social media sites or taking naps as you did with your first baby. The second one is soon to be here and he/she will  need to eat 8-12 to 15 times a day and want to be held 24/7, so once everyone goes back to work and the visitors are gone, what can you do to interact with and entertain your older child, especially while feeding the new baby?

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Common Blunders in the First Few Weeks After Your Baby is Born

Parenting blunders
Parenting Blunders


In my 18 plus years of working with postpartum families both in and out of the hospital, I have seen, heard, supported and educated thousands of families on common blunders that are made during this special time.  There is no harm done if you fall into some of these but just remember, YOU are the expert on your baby and you have a say in how your postpartum period goes.  Don’t be afraid to say NO, take the help when it is offered and ask for help when you need it. Here are a few of my favorites that I think help parents the most. Read more

I can’t breathe

Personal Story told by:Natalie

Postpartum Mood Disorder
Postpartum Mood Disorder


“I can’t breathe.”

Postpartum depression is often over looked, misunderstood and not talked about. I want to help break that silence. I want to talk about postpartum depression and I want to tell you how it affected my life.

My first pregnancy was not planned. I was 16 and starting my senior year of high school when I found out I was pregnant. From the beginning it was NOT the best situation. My parents were definitely not thrilled to hear I was pregnant. I lost all of my friends and was talked about and starred at often down the halls of high school. Because of this, I decided to graduate early. I dedicated my time to finishing school, taking care of myself, and hanging out with my boyfriend. Read more


Postpartum Analogy

Do you throw them out or do you make lemonade?

Postpartum Period Analogy…

If you chose to throw them out, the opportunity to taste them is gone. I believe that men and women will figure the “what it means to be a parent” thing out.  Some parents may take longer than others to figure it out and some will have it down quickly, but eventually you will get there! You may feel prepared because you have read all the books, gone to all the classes, babysat, helped with your siblings and asked all the right questions. However, remember that babies don’t come with a “how to” manual or a schedule. Learning about babies is more “hands on” and intuition not “book reading”. There will be highs and lows, laughter, tears and utter exhaustion but you will make it all on your own! Read more

Need to Turbo Charge Your Engine?

Turbo charge

As summer is coming to an end and schools are starting back up women, especially mothers, might find themselves feeling stuck in a rut. I think it is safe to assume, we have all been there at some point in our lives for a variety of reasons.  The hardest part is finding the motivation to crawl out of it and TRY to do better.

First off find out what motivates and inspires you to want to be better. What gets your heart pumping and makes you feel excited or possibly nervous to try?  Maybe you will discover something you never knew about or never thought of before. Then, STOP neglecting yourself and do something you KNOW will make you feel better. You deserve it! Read more


Postpartum Home Visitor

And have NO agenda…

This is YOUR journey; I am here to guide you along the way!

My goal is to foster your independence so when I am no longer in need, you will feel calm and confident along YOUR parenting journey.

I believe in parents and that parents know their child best and what will work best for their family, therefore unless there is a safety issue, I will support your decisions! I check my opinions and my personal philosophies at the door! Read more

Lost hopes and dreams

Not only did I lose a child, but I lost all my hopes and dreams for him as well!

When the doctor lifted his stethoscope and told us that our son, who was cradled in my arms, had passed away, my world crumbled.  I was numb, found it hard to breath and my heart had shattered into a million pieces.  Yet I still had to answer questions from the police, standard procedure, but still completely awful, walk back into a room full of people that didn’t know what to say and then return home to tell my daughter that her little brother would not be coming home, EVER!

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