Who is the Best Postpartum Doula in Tucson?

best postpartum doula in Tucson 

Trust The Doula You Refer Business To

Looking for the best postpartum doula in Tucson for the families you serve?

If you are a medical service provider, Colleen with Your Family's Journey is arguably the best postpartum doula in Tucson. Besides word of mouth, the vast majority of her referrals come from CNM's, OBGYN's, Pediatricians, Physical Therapists,  Chiropractors, Fertility Specialists and other medical professionals.

"As an RN, certified postpartum doula and lactation specialist, I bring elements to the table that other Doula's do not. I speak your language, work as a team player, help families communicate better with their health care  professionals and fill the in-home education and support gap. There are many ways I can refer business back to you as well. I will be an asset to your team in many ways. Lets schedule a time to meet and discuss how we can work together". 

Colleen's single biggest passion in life is helping family's feel calm, connected and confident with their newborn during the 4th trimester. When you look at her individual experience, education, training and passion, it is a powerful combination. You must trust the people you refer business to. Why not work with the best postpartum doula in Tucson?

Tell your patients, clients and families you serve to call me today or have them fill out the client contact form and I will gladly give them a call.

Be sure to check out our page of trusted and vetted Tucson professionals who are also ready and willing to serve growing families along their pregnancy, breastfeeding and parenting journey.